The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA12011047: Antique French Compendium  c. 1900

This is a rare French compendium that contains three instruments: a compass, a barometer and a thermometer. I would place its manufacture date around 1900 and probably made by Manufacture Française (MANUFRANCE), Armes et Cycles, St-Etienne (   It comes in an rectangular leather case that is still in excellent condition with working push button and strong hinges. The lid closes firmly as it should.

The compass:

The compass has a black dial with cardinal points and a raised chapter graduated in degrees. It has a quality bar needle with a jeweled brass cap. The needle can be locked/released by turning a button at the center of the three instruments. The beveled glass crystal is in excellent condition without scratches or chips. The compass is in full working order and points North easily and precisely. Measures 45mm in diameter.

The barometer:

The barometer is also in excellent condition. It also comes with a rotating bezel for the use of the altimeter function. It is marked Compensated (Compensé).  There is an opening at the center of the dial of the dial that allows you to see the movement of the barometer. The dial is in excellent condition. The barometer is in full working order and has been tested with an air bag. Measures 45mm in diameter.

The thermometer:

The thermometer is graduated in degrees Celsius. It is in working order and still in excellent condition.

This is a nice quality pocket combination set that would make a nice gift.