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Code BA11122048: Antique German Compendium, c. 1900 

This is a nice compendium including a barometer, a compass and a thermometer. The compendium is made in Germany. The instruments are all incorporated in a round chrome plated case in excellent condition without any sign of wear or damage. I would date this compendium to early 1900. The barometer is in full working order and passed the pressure test. It has one fixed enamel dial with two graduations for the barometer and altimeter functions.  It has a rotating the bezel with an indicator to measure altitude and weather change. The dial gives also indication about the weather condition. It is marked "Aneroid Barometer", with the logo of the maker company. On the other side there are a compass and a thermometer both in excellent working order. The compass has a flat jeweled needle that finds North easily and precisely. The needle can be locked by sliding a small knob next to the dial. The compass has a black dial with the cardinal points. The same dial is used by thermometer to read the temperature in REAUMUR and CENTIGRAD. A small raised ring with silver color, level with the compass needle is numbered in degrees from 0 to 360. The thermometer and compass are fixed to a hinged part that can be opened to access the screw to calibrate the barometer. All three instruments are in working order. They are covered on both sides with a slightly domed thick glass crystal in excellent condition without scratches or chips. The diameter of the compendium is 59mm. Very nice example in nice condition.