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Code BA11100112: Antique Wood Cased English Clinometer Compass, c. 1860 

This is a unique compass with clinometer function made in England around 1860. I have seen only once a similar compass made by J. H. Steward but with a dial of much less details than this one. It comes in a wooden case in excellent condition. No damage. The case has two strong hinges and can be closed securely by using two hooks. On the side there is an extra hook that can be used to keep the lid open at 90 degrees for a proper use of the clinometer. The clinometer hand moves smoothly and precisely without any problem. On each side of the case there a small hole next to a crossed circular opening facing another crossed circular opening and another hole respectively. These can be used for sighting while using the clinometer function. There is also a bubble level that can be very useful for precise sighting. The compass has a beautiful dial typically dating this compass to c. 1860. It has a flat blue needle with a crown shaped brass cap, which also gives an indication about the date of manufacture of this compass. The needle is marked with a golden N at North side. It finds North precisely and easily. When the lid is closed it activates the transit lock, which freezes the needle to prevent wear to the pivot. The compass is covered with a flat mineral glass crystal in excellent condition without scratches or chips. This is a rare example of a quality instrument and in very nice condition. Measures 78x78x28mm.