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Code BA11061215: Antique Watkins & Hill Thermometer and Compass, c. 1794 


This is a unique and extremely rare thermometer and compass made by Watkins & Hill around 1794. The thermometer and compass come in a leathered wooden case with two hinges that can be opened by pushing a small brass button on the side of the case. The case is still in excellent and nice condition for its age. Strong hinges and opens and closes tightly as it should (clicks when closed). Inside the lid there is a handwritten inscription that reads: July 30 By ???, 1794, Feb 22 by cash. There is also another word that I couldn't read. The thermometer is marked "Watkins & Hill Charing Cross". It has two temperature scales: Fahrenheit and Celsius. The scales are graduated in degrees. It says FREEZING at 0°C, TEMPERATE at 15°C, SUMMER HEAT at 25°C and BLOOD HEAT at 35°C. The thermometer is in working order and reads the correct temperature even after 200 years. The compass has typically late 1700 design. It has an enamel dial and a crown shaped needle cap. It is covered with a thick slightly convex glass crystal. Crystal and dial are free of chips and scratches. The compass is in working order and finds North without any problem. It measure 9.5cm in length. This is an extremely rare find and still in excellent condition.