The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA11060510: Antique Short & Mason Tycos Surveying Compass & Clinometer, c. 1914

This is a nice surveying compass made by Short & Mason of London around 1914. It comes with a nice leather case marked with the name of its owner `W. Reese Dillard` who used this compass in France when building bridges in 1914 (this information was provided by Dillard's son). The leather case is in excellent condition with blue velvet lining inside to protect the compass. The compass is made of heavy metal painted in black. It is in excellent condition and marked Short & Mason, Tycos, Made in England on the back. The dial is very detailed with lot of scales and graduations for surveying functions. The compass needle has a jeweled cap in excellent condition. The clinometer hand is also in excellent condition and moves freely. The transit lock can be activated by using the lever on the side of the compass. It will freeze both compass needle and clinometer hand. The sight vanes integrated in the handle are in excellent condition. In full working order and finds North easily. The dial measures 74mm in diameter. Flawless compass by a quality maker.