The Boreal Arrow 


This is an extremely rare French equinoctial sundial compass made around 1900. The large hunter case seems to be nickel brass. It is in excellent condition without dings or dents. The inner dial is made of a white silvered metal with French cardinal points. A raised ring is graduated in degrees and numbered every 20 degrees (0 to 360 at North). The dial is covered with a glass crystal in excellent condition without chips or scratches. The compass can be used with a latitude bar and folding gnomon bar to read the solar time. The compass is precise and points North without any problem. The needle can be blocked by acting on the transit lock on top of the compass to prevent wear to the pivot when the compass is not in use. The needle is blue and silver. In front of the dial is stamped "A Pendula Fluminense, 125 Rua da Quitanda" and around the dial there are inscriptions to help read solar time in different South American cities. Pendula Fluminense was the name of a series of watch shops located in Quitanda street,  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and owned by M. Maeder-Dubois. I found two documents mentioning these shops dating back to 1870 and 1886 (pictures included). Diameter of the case is 68.5mm. This is a nice a rare example that would make a nice add to any serious collection.