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Code BA10121322: Antique Silver Long-Neck Leather-Cased Pocket Compass c. 1810

This is a huge Solid Silver leather cased c. 1810 compass is made in England by an unknown maker. It is called a long-neck compass. Although the silver hallmarks are absent, it was tested to be solid silver. I tried to determine its age by comparing it to another similar compass carrying London hallmarks in 1804 (take a look to the pictures). The compass silver case is in excellent condition without any dings or dents. It is quite large compared to other similar compasses, 51 mm in diameter without the long neck. The dial is made of porcelain and is in excellent condition. It has a unique design with graduation every 1 degree and numerals in quadrants every 10 degrees, starting from 0 to 90 from North to East, then decreasing from 90 to 0 from East to South. The same pattern is repeated between North and West and between West and South. As you can see both compasses in the pictures have the same dial design. The hallmarked one is clearly a military compass, so I would think that this special numerating is used by the military. The red wooden Moroccan leather covered case is cushioned and fabric lined to the inner lid. It is in very good condition with strong hinge and functional hook to securely close the case. It has some wear to the external leather layer, which is to be expected after more than 200 years. The compass has a quality jeweled brass cap with a bar needle. It is in excellent working order and finding North very easily. Under the long neck there is a small lever acting as a transit lock, lifting the brass disc located under pivot to avoid any contact with the pin. The compass still has its original slightly convex glass crystal, which is in excellent condition without any scratches or chips. The length from bottom to the bow is 70mm. The diameter of the dial is 50mm. This is a large compass compared to other compasses. This is to be considered as extremely rare and has great value for the serious collector.