The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA10112315: Antique Silver Long-Neck Leather-Cased Pocket Compass c. 1800

This nice Solid Silver and leather cased compass is made in England by an unknown maker. It is called a long-neck compass. Although the silver hallmarks are absent, it was tested to be solid silver. I tried to determine its age by comparing it to another similar compass made by Dollond and carrying London hallmarks in 1785. I would place it manufacture date to around 1800. The compass silver case is in excellent condition. It is small with only 27 mm in diameter without the long neck. The dial is made of porcelain and is in excellent condition without any damage. It has a typical early 1800 design.  The red wooden Moroccan leather covered case is cushioned and fabric lined to the inner lid. It is in very good condition with strong hinge and functional hook to securely close the case. The compass has a nice blue needle marked with golden S and N. It has a crown shaped brass cap, which also a design seen from  late 1700 to early 1800. It is in excellent working order and finding North very easily. The compass still has its original slightly convex glass crystal, which is in excellent condition without any scratches or chips. The length from bottom to the bow is 42mm. This is to be considered as extremely rare.