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Code BA10052937: CARY LONDON Leather Cased Compass, c. 1880  


This is an extremely rare antique compass made by CARY of LONDON around 1880. The compass has a brass case in excellent condition without dings or dents. The painted mother-of-pearl dial is marked with maker name CARY LONDON and SINGER'S PATENT with number 25928. The dial is in excellent condition. The compass has a leather case very well preserved for its age. It opens and closes as it should. The beveled glass is in excellent condition without any chips or scratches.  The rotating dial swings freely and finds North easily. The transit lock is activated by pushing the button. The dial is released when the button is pulled. The compass measures 48mm in diameter. The external leather case measures 58mm in diameter. This is to be considered as extremely rare and has great value for the serious collector.