The Boreal Arrow 

Code BA09112716: J. H. Steward London Compass, C. 1910

This is a nice hunter compass made by the famous J.H. Steward based in London. The compass dates from c. 1910. It has a brass case with nice old patina. The case is in excellent condition for its age. No dings or dents. Only normal marks of use. Very often the hinges of hunter compasses are damaged when lids are accidentally opened beyound 90 degrees. This case presents a very nice design that prevents the lid from going beyound the desired 90 degrees. Please look to the pictures. Of course the hinge is strong. The spring is also in perfect condition allowing the front lid to open to a 90 degrees when the button is pushed. The bevelled glass is in excellent condition without chips or scratches. The dial has also a nice design and is in excellent condition. It is marked J. H. STEWARD LONDON. The compass points North very precisely and converges very rapidely (it doesn`t oscillate many times before reaching North). The transit lock is also in working order. Very nice and rare example of a quality maker. Measure 39mm in diameter.